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Jason Jacobsen

Spring at last! Time to put away those big, malt-driven brews, and switch to lighter lagers and ales. These are the beers you want to crush as a reward for mowing the lawn on a warm weekend afternoon, and while it's a bit early for that, why not jump-start the season. Here are three new and worthy arrivals:

Edge Brewing Springshine Golden Wheat Ale, $2.49—$2.99

A straw-colored ale, Springshine sports a two finger head with good persistence. This Boise-based brewery understands spring in the Northwest: sunshine and warm breezes one day, wind and freezing rain the next. With that in mind, its entry skirts the seasons with a bigger hop profile than you might expect, and bolder flavors on the palate. Lots of juicy fruit flavors round things out—perfect for the seasonal shifts in Boise.

Firestone Lager, $1.59—$1.99

When Firestone Walker released its first lager in bottles back in 2000, its success was underwhelming, generating just so-so reviews. This release in cans should fare better. A light, golden pour with a decent head, the aromas in this brew are a subtle mix of toasted grain and soft malt. The flavors follow suit in an easy-drinking, totally refreshing and sessionable brew.

Revision Blonde NV, $1.99—$2.49

A frothy head that leaves a nice lacing tops this bright golden ale. Sweet fruit aromas lead off, followed by yeasty bread dough and smooth malt. It's a beautifully balanced effort, with a nice hit of fruity hops that plays well against the malt. There's a surprising and welcome intensity to the flavors, making it a great choice as we segue into spring.

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