Spring into Summer Brews 

Beers that can bridge the seasons

Just when you think summer is on its way (temperatures in the mid-80s), Boise bounces back to the cool of spring (rain and highs in the 50s). Go figure. So what makes for a good summer seasonal? During the roller coaster weather ride this time of year in the valley, you want something that can bridge the seasons. Something light enough for the warmer weather, but with enough going on to hold your interest on a cooler afternoon.

Cascade Lakes IRA

No, this beer's acronym is not a reference to a retirement account, the IRA stands for India Red Ale. It pours a luminous orange hue with a decent, light tan head that fades quickly. The nose is a combo of resiny hops married to sweet fruit and soft malt. You get ample hop presence from beginning to end, providing a pleasant bite to the finish. Toasty malt lurks in the background making this brew a great match for cooler weather.

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

This beer has a straw-colored pour with an egg-white froth that holds well. Light but lively floral hops and citrus aromas are colored by yeasty malt. Beautifully balanced, the flavors combine biscuity malt with touches of orange and just the right hit of hops. This brew is about as drinkable as you can get and a great choice no matter what the weather.

New Belgium Somersault Ale

A vibrant gold in the glass topped by a thin white head, this beer's flurry of pin-point bubbles are more akin to Champagne. The aromas are a mix of apricot, lemon and orange with notes of earthy grain. Given the effusive bubbles, this ale is surprisingly light in carbonation and the fruit aromas carry over to the palate, coloring the soft malt and mild hops. This brew is a decent, sessionable choice for summer.

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