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Reading an entire novel in an hour is improbable. Reading a dense fantasy book like A Song of Fire and Ice in that amount of time is out of the question. Or it was. Spritz, a new piece of software, has given reading a futuristic facelift. Spritz flashes words--one at a time--on any high-tech platform (tablets, laptops, smartphones), and its developers go so far as to promise that consumers can read an entire novel in little more than an hour. The key to the accelerated-reading program is that only one word appears on the screen at a time; thus eyes no longer have to scan across a page. And it only displays what the human eye can focus on, approximately 13 characters (one word). While users read content at a faster clip than normal, they can adjust that rate of speed: from 250 words per minute, up to 800 wpm.

Spritz is currently available in English, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish, with many more languages on the way, but the technology is still new on the market. Though only a few companies have adopted it, Spritz is usually free to download and is available on most platforms: For desktop use, there's Spritzlet, The Old Reader and Reads. It's available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear2 as SpritzMail, an email reader, and although Android users will have to wait until July to find apps in the Google Play store, OS users can download Sparknotes now.

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