Sriracha 2 Go 

S2G sounds like the name of a new iPhone-controlled, surround-sound system; or what Audi is calling its latest top-of-the-line sports roadster. It is not. The S2G is a bit silly and rife with possible pitfalls, but it's brilliant in its simplicity and destined to become an item beloved by a contingent of consumers who feel that without their favorite sauce, most food is flavorless.

The S2G or the "Sriracha 2 Go" is a keychain with a refillable bottle on it meant to hold Sriracha sauce--Thailand's insanely popular export.

At 4.5-inches tall, the bottle is big enough to hold at least a few meals-worth of sauce, which is great for people who can't live without it. It is, however, a pretty big item to shove in pockets already holding keys, money, a cellphone and whatever else couldn't be left behind for the day. Plus, sit down or bend over too fast, and saucy suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Popping the S2G into a backpack or purse presents hazards, too: The little bottle gets jostled around, the lid comes loose and not even Sriracha's rooster would want to hunt and peck through that mess.

For fans, it's worth the risk to have the four-alarm red sauce on (or in) hand, and the bottles are the perfect stocking-stuffer size--just maybe wait until after Christmas to fill them.

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