Stagecoach Theatre's A Dickens Christmas Carol Includes Lots of Diva Drama 

Thursday, Dec. 1 - Sunday, Dec. 4.

Christmastime is always awash with holiday-themed theater. Feel-good Christmas classics abound on stage and screen, usually involving some nonbeliever who stumbles upon the spirit of Christmas and then has to save the holiday. While some comedy may be involved, the heartwarming message is usually front and center.

This holiday season, if you're in the mood for a little more comedy and a little less wholesomeness, check out Stagecoach Theatre's A Dickens Christmas Carol.

Written by Mark Landon Smith and directed by Ginger Scott, this mirthful drama tells the tale of a self-important diva who thinks herself irreplaceable in a rag-tag rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Of course, when she is replaced with a surprisingly talented and terrified understudy, she's in for a shock. Comedy ensues as she tries to win back her rightful place center stage.

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