Starscream, Bullet Train to Vegas, Navajo Code, Bear Vs. Shark, Planes Mistaken for Stars, June 28 

I was nearly down for the count on the couch last Tuesday when I got a text reminding me that I was missing the show. Crap! Somehow I managed to wake up and roll down to the old Imparts Auto Store to check out the Planes Mistaken for Stars show. For those who remember JD's, the faces at Imparts should look familiar. The bar section of this new venue looks unsurprisingly like an old auto parts store counter that has hastily been fashioned into a makeshift bar and music venue. There's also fluorescent lighting, big open windows and what appears to be about five years worth of dust on the floor. In all fairness, though, Imparts hasn't technically opened yet-so expect some major improvements.

This was a big show, with four out of town bands, including Bullet Train to Vegas, Navajo Code, Bear Vs. Shark and Planes Mistaken for Stars (and one local band-Starscream), so despite my tardiness there was still plenty of music still to come. Denver's own Planes Mistaken for Stars finally took the stage-a bunch of scuzzy dudes who might have body odor issues. The intense set was a mixture of huge beats, loud guitars and flailing band members-a great rock show. By the last song, the singer was fully in the frenzied crowd, screaming his guts out. Here's to more great shows like this at Imparts, and as this show was sparsely attended, here's to more people showing up.

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