Monday, Oct. 14, The Knitting Factory

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Ground Control to Major Boise... Ohio-based band Starset is headed through Boise, touring on its most recent album, Vessels, which debuted in 2017. Starset's is futuristic and imaginative pop metal. The band doesn't break its character, a troupe of space cadets and scientists singing about new world colonization and otherworldly themes. The man behind the band, Dustin Bates, is also an author. In his newest self-published book, The Prox Transmissions, Bates writes about discovery of exoplanets and colonization of other worlds, similar to his musical work. The band jumps back and forth from poppy synthesizer melodies to heavy and distorted verses. Keeping in line with its theme, Starset dresses the part, wearing space suits and helmets. Bates formed the band in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio, the state which produces more astronauts than any other in the country—fitting with the overall schtick of the band.

With Hyde, Palisades. 7 p.m. $25-$60. The Knitting Factory, 416. S. Ninth St., Boise,


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