State Police Score a Stash of Their Very Own 

A pot dealer from a 225-person Idaho town has made an inadvertent contribution of almost $800,000 to the Idaho State Police. Leland Robert Lang, 57, of the remote forest hamlet of Stites, was convicted of helping to run a cross-country trafficking ring responsible for buying and selling thousands of grams of wacky tobaccy since the 1970s. He is currently serving nine-and-a-half years in federal prison and, along with his co-conspirator James Dale Rose of Winchester, Kentucky, forfeited approximately $1.3 million in cash, real estate, business interests and personal property, most of which was presented Tuesday in a check to the ISP via the Equitable Sharing program, a federal plan that annually re-circulates hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of seized booty back into the state and local law enforcement agencies who arrest dealers. We'd call it the "seizure lottery," but that doesn't roll off the tongue very well, now does it?

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