Stats of the Union 

Facts, figures, and uniquely American absurdities

• U.S. debt rate: calculation based on Office of Management and Budget's estimate of 2004 deficit

• IRS Web site: Internal Revenue Service; Accenture Ltd.

• Corporate tax collections: "The Corporate Tax Burden: Nation's Dependence on Corporate Tax Collections Continues to Fall But Recent Collections Stronger than During Earlier Recessions," Tax Foundation, November 2003

• Halliburton workers in Iraq: Halliburton; U.K. Prime Minister's Office

• Chinese fuel-economy standards: China Sustainable Energy Program/The Energy Foundation; "China Set to Act on Fuel Economy," New York Times, 11/18/03

• Global warming trends: "Feeling the Heat: Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss," Nature, 1/8/04

• Americans' attitudes towards Bible: ABC News/Primetime poll, 2/16/04

The Passion of the Christ pendants: "Rising 'Passion' for Merchandise," Chicago Sun-Times, 2/26/04; "Film Boosts Christian Merchandise," Associated Press, 3/1/04

• Americans' attitudes toward job: Gallup Organization poll, January 2004

• Cost of Bush tax cuts: calculation based on Center on Budget and Policy Priorities's estimate of size of tax cuts and Bureau of Labor Statistics's estimate of jobs lost

• Revenue loss from tax cuts: Congressional Budget Office; Senate Budget Committee; House Joint Committee on Taxation

• Senior citizens and Social Security: "Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2001," Social Security Administration

• Malnutrition deaths in 2001: New York City medical examiner's office and published reports of number of deaths on 9/11; "Deaths: Final Data for 2001," National Vital Statistics Reports/Centers for Disease Control, 9/18/03

• Pounds gained in last year: calculation of U.S. Census Bureau population data and estimated average number of pounds gained annually by adult Americans

• Suburbanites' weight: "Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Morbidity," American Journal of Health Promotion, September/October 2003

• Wal-Mart employment: Wal-Mart Corporation; "2003 Employment Situation Summary," U.S. Department of Labor

• Wal-Mart health insurance: "Fast-Growing Health Plan Has a Catch: $1,000-a-Year Cap," Wall Street Journal, 5/14/03; "Wal-Mart Cost-Cutting Finds Big Target in Health Benefits," Wall Street Journal, 9/30/03

• Salvadorans' desire to go to U.S.: La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador) poll, March 2004

• Alabama interracial marriage ban: "Alabama Repeals Century-Old Ban on Interracial Marriages," Associated Press, 11/8/00

• Paperless voting machines: "Winners and Losers of 2003," Fortune, 12/22/03

• Skull & Bones members running for president: calculation based on U.S. Census Bureau's estimate of number of American-born citizens over 35 and estimated number of living Skull & Bones members

• Red Takers, Blue Givers (map): "Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures by State," Tax Foundation, 8/1/03; Daniel Pink, "Givers and Takers," New York Times, 1/30/04

• If the EPA Won't, We Will (map): Pew Center on Global Climate Change

• Still Glass, Getting Lower: "2003 Salary Survey," National Association for Female Executives, December 2003

• What Did Bush Give to You?: "Average Tax Cuts under the 2001-03 Bush Tax Cuts by Calendar Year," Citizens for Tax Justice; "Tax Model," Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, June 2003

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