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If you've made it this far in our annual Best of Boise issue, you know that Boise is brimming with weirdos. And while we consider ourselves the foremost authority on all things weird in the Treasure Valley, a new photo blog is nipping at our unicycle tire.

Stay Weird Boise's motto is "keeping Boise weird, one photo at a time." Founded by Ryan Smith and his wife, Tess, the blog is "a light-hearted look at the people, places and things that make Boise what it is."

Some particularly strange photos on the site include an SUV decked out in pink velour to look like a pig, a man pole dancing in his underwear next to a bottle of Windex, and a dude on his cellphone walking an orange saddlebag-draped goat through downtown.

The Smiths have also taken Stay Weird Boise to the streets, sponsoring a free-to-play piano in front of Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt on Eighth Street and planting crocheted tricycles around downtown.

The couple hopes that their efforts will help document and contribute to Boise's growing community of eccentrics.

"We want to make this an even more interesting place," Smith told Boise Weekly.

If you have a photo to submit to Stay Weird Boise, you can upload it at under Submit a Photo, or email it to

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