Gordon Ramsay is as well-known for his temper as he is for his cuisine. There's no question that the bellowing British berater knows food (he could make shoelaces taste good) and that he knows his way around a cut of meat. Ramsay's ability to cook a perfect steak is part talent and part training, a rare combination not so easily mastered. In what may be the best Bavarian export since the BMW, the SteakChamp takes the guesswork out of grilling or frying steak. The SteakChamp is an "intelligent thermometer," which comes in four different models: Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium and Medium-Well. Instructions are simple: Activate the SteakChamp--each thermometer comes with an activator--for one second insert the SteakChamp into the cut of meat; sear on both sides; reduce heat and turn steak periodically; when the red light begins blinking, remove the cut and let it sit until the light stops blinking. Voila. Perfectly cooked steak.

The SteakChamp isn't cheap and it won't get you your own cooking show but it will make sure a great cut of meat stays that way--Ramsay might even approve.

The perfect steak - on the grill w/ SteakChamp + product information english video from SteakChamp on Vimeo.

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