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Earth Mother

The hippie movement was all about peace and lots of free love—which explains how this variety of modern-day Woodstocker came to be. The flower children have morphed into go-green, chill-out bohos, mostly recognizable by their burlap bags, colorful dresses and shiny stone jewelry, which add pizzazz when plowing in the community garden or spending the summer chasing down music festivals.

Where she shops: Eyes of the World Imports, Farmers Markets, Dragonfly

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Metro Man

He's that allusive anomaly—stylish, yet his mother/wife/girlfriend isn't responsible for selecting his daily look. He doesn't just put GQ or Men's Health on his coffee table to impress visitors. He reads it, shops and ventures to the gym, thereby making his less-stylish friends upset on Saturday nights when he takes home a slew of new phone numbers and countless side glances, without ever trying.

Where he shops: Alexander Davis, To the Nynes

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Buy-Local Chic

When she sips mojitos with her BFF on the patios of Los Angeles, she doesn't stick out as a tourist. She's cutting-edge, yet conservative—a chameleon, easily blending in with trendy big-citiers without abandoning her hometown's style. A Rachel Zoe/Olsen twin hybrid, she's all about the accessories and pulls off flawless looks, seemingly without thought. And somehow manages to put it together while contributing to the buy-local movement.

Where she shops: Fancy Pants, Barbara Barbara and Co., Piece Unique/Shoez, Belle, Dragonfly

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Cool Cowgirl

She's the best in the West when it comes to picking out boots that would be as at home in the Stueckle Sky Center as on a ranch. From rhinestones to embroidery to mother-of-pearl buttons on her snap-front shirts, she sets herself apart from other Wrangler-wielding Westerners with intricate details.

Where she shops: American Clothing Gallery, D&B Supply, Hap Tallman

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Modern Skater

This isn't your neon-clad '80s boarder, nor is he/she the tie-wearing Avril Lavigne sk8r variety. These board riders have some serious style—from artistic socks to sweatshirts that are more haute than hoodlum. This style blends rebel with hip.

Where he/she shops: Newt and Harold's, The Board Room, Bikes to Boards, Prestige Skate Shop

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Boipster (Boise Hipster)

Dark-rim glasses? Check. Turntable? Check. Skinny jeans? Check. Examples of the hipster phenom reside most everywhere—especially in recent years—and Boise is no exception. The Boise variety loves to ride road bikes, is generally armed with an iPad, listens to bands you've never heard of, and can generally be found swigging back cocktails at Neurolux.

Where he/she shops: Thrift stores, The Edge, In Retrospect, White Pine, Bricolage, Lux Fashion Lounge

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Active North-Ender

This dangerously fit breed of Boisean is as trendy and yet laid back as the North End neighborhood where he/she can generally be found. Wanna hang out? Get your quads ready for some burning as you run the trails at Camel's Back, then grab your mountain bike and head for more hills, all while looking stellar. Body-hugging pants, breathable tops and unique sneakers fill suitcases for weekends spent biking in Sun Valley.

Where he/she shops: Greenwoods Ski Haus, The Benchmark, McQ Sports, Idaho Mountain Sports

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