Stewart Gallery: "Snapshots: Lives in Transition," Boise State University: Interactive Art Installation 

Stewart Gallery: "Snapshots: Lives in Transition"

The Work and Learn School is pleased to announce an exhibition of student work hosted by the Stewart Gallery premiering on First Thursday and closing May 7. An opening reception will be held Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. with a presentation at 6:30.

Snapshots: Lives in Transition is an innovative project designed to give alternative students at Work and Learn an opportunity to share their lives through photography, text and other media. The project began January 2005 and culminates in the show.

Work and Learn is a unique secondary school for at-risk youth. The school is run by the Boise School District, Ada County Juvenile Courts, and Hays Shelter to provide secondary education for students struggling with a variety of issues. Work and Learn participants earn high school credits or study for a GED.

The Snapshots project goals were to introduce students to contemporary photography by allowing them to photograph their lives; to encourage individual expression and self-exploration through photography, writing and multimedia art pieces; and to provide students with an experience where they can learn from local artists. Snapshots also provides an opportunity for individuals in the community to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the lives, insights and talents of at-risk youth.

This is the fourth year of the project, which has been tremendously successful in the past. The artists who assisted this year's students are Eve-Marie Bergren, artist and encaustic art instructor; Surel Mitchell, artist and recipient of the Governor's Excellence in the Arts Awards; and Todd Newman, artist and assistant preparator at the Boise Art Museum.

All of the artists shared their artwork with the students for Snapshots. Mitchell taught students collage, painting and layering to explore the theme of identity. Newman demonstrated how to create textured landscapes and incorporate hand painted photos to create dreamlike images. Bergren instructed students to create shadow boxes using transferred photographs, text and encaustics.

Primary funding was provided through an Arts Powered Learning Grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Boise School District.

For information on Work and Learn, contact Karen Passey, project director, at 348-3101.

Boise State University: Interactive Art Installation

Forget strolling around admiring other artists' work. Thanks to Boise State's First Thursday interactive art installation, residents get the chance to ignite their own inner artist this week.

Internationally known artist Christo mesmerized much of the world last fall with his Crimson Gates project in New York City. Now it's Boise's turn to break new ground and capture the imagination with a first-ever hands-on community art cube.

Local artist Corrin Olson, with the help of sculptors Christophe Guigon and Samuel F. Stimpert, erected a 20-foot wood, metal and plastic cube in the middle of Boise State's campus on May 2. The project officially began Tuesday and remains available for students and the general public's creative additions until Saturday. All are invited to step inside the cube and get a little messy.

The event is designed for every passerby to come inside and add their own touch and energy to the art creation. "We just want people to have some fun and create some art along the way!" says Corrin Olson, organizing artist.

The art-in-progress cube will be open Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., to coincide with the gallery walk and art events taking place elsewhere downtown.

Olson's community project is part of the international art exhibition model, "Do It." "Do It" is designed to get the public involved in making and determining art. The idea, developed by curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, is to create instructional procedures for art. Boise State professors Cheryl Shurtleff and Tudor Mitroi have asked their seminar students to participate in the "Do It" exhibition model. The exhibition will be open May 4 through 19, in the Hemingway Western Studies Center at Boise State. Contact Cheryl Shurtleff for more information about the art cube or "Do It," at 426-3450.

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