Street Spit: Cannibal Corpse, The Fans 

Boise was blessed to have one of the most prolific death metal bands of all times play on April 7 at Knitting Factory. If you have seen Ace Ventura Pet Detective then you have seen Cannibal Corpse and their cameo appearance in the film. If you are more of a metal head and actually own one of the 11 albums this band has put out in the past 20 or so years, then you know just how gnarly these dudes are. When I say Ice Cream, you say Ben and Jerry's. When I say the Cavaliers, you say LeBron. When I say Evil Ass Metal Band, you say Cannibal Corpse. Catching on yet? We caught up with some fans at the show and asked them:

Why are you here? And what would you rather be: A cannibal or a corpse?

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Name: Bawb

Age: 35

Occupation: Rigger for concerts

Holy crap (long pause). You got to get me ready for these questions.

Dude that would blow the interview. Are you a Corpse fan or what?

I am a big Cannibal Corpse fan, I tried to wear as little Cannibal Corpse gear as I could (points to C.C. wrist bands). I tried to keep it simple and not be a big whore. I love this band to f**kin death!

What would you rather be: A cannibal or a corpse?

Well I'm already a cannibal.

Interesting. Can you rattle off your favorite lyrics from one of their songs?

Ummm ... wait a second there are a whole bunch of them. Just give me a second (long pause) here's one: RAAARRGRRRRRRARRRGGGG GGGHHHRRRAAA! (This is literally the translation from the interview tape.)

Wow! Would you do some Cannibal Corpse Karaoke if the opportunity came about?


Dude you win.

That's how it's done man.

Bawb I take it you don't own any Alanis Morissette albums?

I own everything, I even own Cowboy Junkies, any f**king metal. I love it all.

Dude how many beers have you had tonight?

I don't know. I've been drinking all day.

You don't say ...

I just got done tearing up a titty bar and what not, I've had a bottle of Patron and a half-rack of Heineken.

Bawb, you are my new hero. Thanks man.

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Name: Gippy The Lord of Sorrow

Age: 26

Occupation: Keepin' it f**kin real!

Well I heard there was going to be corpses, lots of long hair, black shirts, and a lot of smelly butt sweat.

What would you rather be: A cannibal or a corpse?

Probably a cannibal because a corpse doesn't move much when you touch it.

Well Gippy, I haven't seen you for awhile, and it looks like you lost a little weight. Do you have any weight-loss advice for Corpsegrinder (the singer/buffalo looking dude for C.C.)? I bet he's pushin' close to three-hundo.

Stop being a cannibal, eat vegetables, stop eating peoples muscles and focus on your body-weight.

Do you think these dudes are really as insane as they pretend to be?

Well, I came here before the show started and I swear I saw the lead singer walking a chihuahua outside and that's not brutal like they sound you know?

Nice dude (laughter). Well I guess we heard it first from you.

That's right man, and these dudes were in the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective, which is kinda awkward considering it's the story about a schizophrenic dude who searches high and low for a dolphin. Whatever though, I still love these guys.

No doubt, damn you're a smart dude Gippy. Enjoy the show bro.

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Name: Lauren

Age: 19

Occupation: Jobless

I have been listening to them for a long time and my brother is really into them and is a total metal head and he kind of got me into them. Before I didn't really like metal, but Cannibal Corpse really got me into it.

You are jobless, eh?


How did you get the ticket money tonight?

My friend actually paid for the show because she knows I like them so much. It's pretty funny because she doesn't even really like metal but she's here to support me I guess (laughter).

If you had to be either a cannibal or a corpse, what would you be?


Let's get a girls perspective on all the dude hair farmers here tonight, what's up with that look?

Well, long hair is ridiculously common here tonight obviously, and I think it's pretty hot.

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Name: Brent

Age: 23

Occupation: Unemployed

I actually wasn't going to come to the show tonight because I couldn't afford a ticket, but my friend had an extra ticket and I'm here. Luckily I have good friends and they hook me up.

Are you a big Cannibal Corpse fan?

Yeah, actually I'm a really big fan of both Cannibal Corpse and The Faceless.

Did you know that Cannibal Corpse albums were banned in Australia for a long time?

No I didn't.

Do you have any comments for our conservative Aussie pals over there?

F**k you pussies! (Laughter)

Nice! What do you expect to see tonight? Perhaps a sacrifice of some baby goats?

I expect to see lots of headbanging and ass kicking.

What would you rather be: A cannibal or a corpse?

A cannibal for sure.

If you had to be a cannibal, what kind of sauce would you put on the meat?

Heinz 57.

You are truly one evil dude.

I know.

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Name: Duncan

Age: 19

Occupation: Warehouseman

What would you rather be: A cannibal or a corpse?

I like cannibals, they have more control; that is what you wanna be if you're a metalhead.

What brought you to the show tonight?

I am a Cannibal Corpse fan; you got to support the metal scene. The more people that show up at a metal show, the more chance we are going to have that the better bands are going to show and that gives us more opportunities to go out and headbang.

Former Senator Bob Dole was quoted that "Bands like Cannibal Corpse are undermining the national character of the United States." Do you have a rebuttal for Mr. Dole and his comments?

Well, there are a lot of douche bags like that think bands are corrupting kids but they are all full of shit.

What do you think about the Knitting Factory for shows?

Yeah, it's pretty cool here. They don't seem to harass many people that much.

What is your favorite band of all time Duncan?

It has to be Iron Maiden.

Thanks man.

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