Street Spit: Fanny Pack Day at the Falcon Tavern 

Event organizers Nick, Joe and Jason. - PHOTO: JON METZ

March 14 is officially deemed International Fanny Pack day, and some local folks decided to commemorate the date here in Boise. The celebration was held at The Falcon Tavern downtown, and the idea was simple: Grab a fanny pack, strap it on, come downtown, and get ready to party. It was pretty obvious that we needed to catch up with some of these folks and get their take on this obscure, yet delightfully comical event.

Nick Yates, CEO of Fanny Pack Day. - PHOTO: JON METZ

Name: Nick

Age: 31

Occupation: Fanny Pack day co-founder

Tell us about your event. What's the deal?

Well, you know, fanny packs are just that iconic oxymoron fashion symbol of our society. People wear them all the time as a utilitarian type thing and actually use them. I've always kind of thought that they are, you know, just funny and fun. I wear a backpack and stuff like that, but really I was just like: "You know? Let's have a party, let's just have a show where people can wear them and have some fun." This year we kind of threw in a food drive, so you know, we're actually going to make kind of a charitable thing out of this and give the food people bring tonight to the FoodBank. So last year the three of us [founders] got together and got the grassroots marketing here in town going for the event. There are similar events in Portland, and New York City and, in May, we plan to take our event down to Mexico to kick it off.

How's the turnout?

It's good we got 30 people who RSVP'd a spot tonight from our Facebook site. And I'm guessing through just friends, there is going to be another 10 to 20 who show up.

Would you be jealous if there was a "Hyper Color T-shirt Day" going on next door at Pollo Rey?

No. I think that would compliment the '80s theme. I would wear my pink Coors Light fanny pack (displays it) in there with pride and check it out.

Name: Jason

Age: 30

Occupation: Fanny Pack day cofounder

How's the big day going for you?

It's liberating. It is definitely the most convenient day of the year in terms of accessing my things. My sister Jenny calls the fanny pack the "original hands-free device," and I couldn't agree more. Further more, it is the one-day of the year where I don't have to feel funny when women look at my midsection because normally they are probably checking out my package (laughs). But today, they are just checking out the neon coolness of my fanny pack. Today is a beautiful thing, we are raising awareness, getting cans of food for needy sick children, and if you can't be a part of this, man, you need to get the hell out of town. That's a wrap! (Laughs)

That is a wrap.

Name: Joe

Age: 21?

Occupation: Fanny Pack day cofounder

How's the event? Is it what you hoped and dreamed for?

It's beautiful. I actually had to move away from beautiful Boise, and I came back from Washington State specifically for fanny pack day. I brought my beautiful girlfriend with me, and we are here celebrating it proudly. We have been sporting our packs all day long, starting with mini-golf and progressing to here where we have been drinking heavily.

Joe you seem like a cultured lad. Where is the best place I can find a fanny pack?

Well being a good Catholic boy, I found mine at St. Vincent's, but I'm sure you could find one at the Youth Ranch. Many opportunities are there for you.

Name: Dave

Age: 30

Occupation: Waste removal

Dave, you're obviously backing Fanny Pack Day. Give us some insight why?

I say fanny pack day is really an existential movement. Everybody is defined by their own pack ... and their own fanny. My fanny pack says "SAVE BRITNEY" because that's the cause that I support. I really hope that she makes it through the tough times. I really support her new album, and her new circus tour.

"Save Britney!" wins at Falcon Tavern. - PHOTO: JON METZ

Wow. Maybe you should change the charity and accept donations for her bi-polar medication fund instead then, huh?

(Laughs) Not really, I mean ... no. She's f**king crazy. I think we should give it to the good people of Boise, the people who need the food, and that's what we will do.

Good enough. Thanks, man.

No problem.

Name: Emily

Age: 25

Occupation: Works for a neurosurgeon

You look like you're having fun. How's the event so far?

I think it's wonderful, you know? I got on the smallest airplane of my entire life to get here. I was scared but I had to power through.

You flew all the way here just for fanny pack day?

I flew all the way here for tonight, and I have a big week ahead of me but I still made time for the fanny pack.

Where are did you fly in from?

I flew from Portland, Ore.

Is it worth it so far?

Yes, it's awesome. I feel super safe. The fanny pack is number one in personal security (laughs).

How many flasks do you think you can fit into your Kool-Aid man pack there?

Well, six or eight maybe? I could stash a whole six-pack in this thing.

Anonymous participant. - PHOTO: JON METZ


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