Street Spit: Take Me Out To The Ballgame 

So it's officially springtime and the Seattle Mariners are eight and three as of late. Ichiro is finally back after battling a stomach ulcer and of course everybody knows by now that he went yard for a grand slam in his first game back to help beat the Angels 11-3. Not to mention my boy Felix Hernandez going 2-0 to start things off, and throwing some serious heat against Detroit a few days ago. I could keep going but I got distracted by a "ballgame" the other day off of Broadway at that big stadium you all have seen. Apparently there was a BLUE vs WHITE game going down on Friday, April 17. Being the springtime sports enthusiast that I am, I grabbed my "Blue Gear" and my crappy mountain bike and made my way down to the sea of people pouring into the stadium for a little fun and some questions:

Which team is going to win? The BLUE team? Or The WHITE team?

Name: Alan

Age: 38

Occupation: Accountant

I'm going with the White team today.

The White team, eh?


And who do you think is going to throw out the opening pitch?

The opening pitch? Umm, there is no opening pitch. This is a football game.

Wait a second ... so you're a football fan? Is it a tradition then for you to come out to football games in the springtime?

(Laughter) Yeah, we come out to this game every spring.

No baseball tonight then, huh?


Can you tell me what year Boise State officially dropped its varsity baseball team?

Well, they still have a club team, but I think it was around like 1978 maybe?

Oh man you were sooooo close! It was 1980.

Really? I was close. I knew it was awhile ago.

Does Bronco stadium ever remind you of Safeco field?

(Long Pause) No.

So Alan what IS your favorite sport then?




Would you like to see the Bronco Nation bring back baseball?

Sure! I think that would be good, we have a lot of good athletes in Boise.

Right on man, thanks for your take.

No problem.

Name: Jamie

Age: 37

Occupation: Teacher

I think the Blue team is going to win,

Who do you think is going to throw out the first pitch tonight?

Umm, I think it's going to be Roger Clemens.

Clemens? Really?

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Do you think that the Bronco football coach ... what his name again?

Coach P?

Yeah, that guy. Do you think he is going to lead us off in "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch?

Yeaaahh, he kind of reminds me of Harry Carey.

(Laughter) Really? Voice-wise? Or Physically?

Voice-wise. (Laughter all around)

Nice. How about baseball for BSU, would you like to see the return of baseball here in Boise at a college level?

Yeah, I mean sure. I love baseball, and I definitely think it would be supported.

Baseball aside for now, how do you think the BSU football team will do this year?

I think we'll go undefeated and hopefully we will get our Bowl win.

Sweet man, that was a perfect interview—nice job on the comebacks.

Name: Derrick

Age: 45

Occupation: Professional Development

I think Boise State will win.

Boise State? That wasn't one of your choices man.

Yeah, but it's all the same.

And who do you think is going to throw out the first pitch to start things off?

Well I don't know about throwing out a pitch, but I'm sure that the number one offense will get the ball first and Kellen Moore is going to throw the first ball.

Kellen Moore is going to throw a ball to start things off?


Don't you think he should start off with a slider on the inside corner? Or does he seem more like a two-seam fastball kinda guy?

Ohhhh OK, so you're talking baseball.

This is a baseball game right? I mean with spring and all ...

Yeah, sure (sarcastically). Boise State is all about FOOTBALL! But I do think Kellen Moore might have quite a slider since he's a lefty.

Would you like it if Boise State reinvented its baseball program?

Well you know, that is a great question, baseball is a lot more fun to play rather than to watch. My family has played baseball for a lot of years, and baseball would be a great add to the already great sports program that they have here at Boise State.


Name: Kate and Beth

Age: 26 and 27

Occupation: Sales Administration and Project Management

BLUE!!! (Simultaneously)

Who do you think will throw out the first pitch tonight?

(Long Ackward Pause) Beth: I don't know (looking at Kate). Do you have an answer? Kate: Geeze.

Can you name any of the starting pitchers tonight?

Beth: (staring hard and obviously perplexed) Baseball? We are at a football game.

But I thought it was spring right?

Kate: Yeah, but we are here to support the football team.

OK, OK so you figured out the curve I threw you, but all stupidness aside, would you support BSU baseball if it were to start up?

Yes! (Both girls at once) Kate: I think it would take a little while, but yeah it would be supported. I don't think the actually showing of fans to the games would be as big obviously—because football is just football—and that's what Bronco Nation is pretty much about. I think people would support it, but you would never get 70,000 people or whatever showing up to all the home games.

Perfect point. Now for the knuckleball—can either of you name three active Seattle Mariners players?

Beth: Gutierrez, Ken Griffey Jr., and ummmm, oh what is the pitchers name? I don't know. Is it Chavez?

ENDY CHAVEZ!!! Yes! He is not a pitcher, but needless to say I am impressed! Nice job ladies! You just made my day with that baseball knowledge.

(Laughter) You're welcome.

Name: Ken

Age: 48

Occupation: Realtor

The White team will win.

And who do you think is going to throw out the first pitch?

(Abruptly) No pitch. Football.

AHHHH, football season. Right, right—in the springtime—stupid me.

Yep, I agree.

So you didn't come here to see anybody hit a bomb into center, huh?

Nope, just knocking some heads.

Knocking heads? Nice, that leads me kind of to the theme of my questioning ... Do you think Bronco Nation would be as supportive with a baseball team as it is with a football team? Like would you show up here in October to watch a double header?

I think so. I think I would support it.

Would you still pick the Blue team to win if it was baseball.

I'm going with White today.

Oh yeah (pause). Do know the song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame?"

Yes I do.

Really? Can you sing it for me real quick?

(Laughter) All right buddy whatever. (Ken walks off.)

*Photos by Jon Metz.

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