Street Spit: The Real World Audition (Part 1) 

On March 10, MTV's The Real World held auditions at The Reef in downtown Boise. The guidelines for auditioning were pretty simple: Candidates had to be between 18 and 24 years of age, had to have a photo ID and had to fill out a one-page questionnaire. Two hundred plus people showed up throughout the day in hopes of getting a shot at being on one of TV's most popular and longest running reality shows. BW got a few takes from people as they were waiting to be interviewed and asked them, "What do you expect to get out of this?"


Name: Jerica

Age: 21

Occupation: Homemaker

Well I have always watched the show for like forever, I'm only 21 so you know, I watched it when I was younger. I like the idea and concept of different and diverse people living together and trying to make it work out even though people don't get along. Or sometimes people have a great impact on others, and they learn from each other, whether it's positive or negative. I would like to be a part of all of that.

So why you Jerica?

I am really easy to get along with, and I am very passive. I don't like drama ... I don't like starting drama, but I might like drama.

So can we expect any knock down drunken fights from you?

Maybe, when I was pregnant I punched my sister and she had to go to a plastic surgeon.

Okay. Well. Good luck in your interview.

Okay, thank-you.


Name: Taran

Age: 22

Occupation: Server

Well what I expect to get, I think is just an experience. I came down with some people I work with in McCall at the Brewing Company and it's my friends last year to try out since she just turned twenty-four. I want to do it because it seems like the perfect experience.

Taran's drama meter registers at ...?

On the drama meter I would say I am probably a medium. It would probably be just a little mediocre, maybe get a few clips about "Oh God clean your room" or something like that. Maybe not though, I will probably just stay at the medium level, maybe flip out on people when I'm drunk or something like that—you know how it goes.

What's your pitch going to be when you walk it?

I am just going to be myself and see how it goes.

Lots of eye contact?

Yep! Exactly.


Name: Cameron

Age: 20

Occupation: Customer service

I just worked a ten-hour shift and got off, and my friends were like "dude the Real World" so I thought I might as well try it—it can't hurt. I'm just here to have fun, I'm a big people person and I like meeting new people and experiencing new things.

Are you the drama dude?

I don't cause drama, but I don't let anyone get in my face. If they get in my face then it's on! But overall I'm pretty chill ... I don't start conflicts. I joke around a lot with things, and juggle people with humor but that's about it.

Good luck in there.

Thanks man.


Name: Chelsea

Age: 18

Occupation: Barista

Well hopefully I will get a spot on the show, I'm not that familiar with it but I think it will be fun if I get on.

What do you think about having five strangers for roommates?

That will be overwhelming, I think it would be fun though. I would be able to get along and have a good time.

How do you register on the drama scale?

I'm in the middle for drama probably. I like to have fun so maybe some partying.

So you probably need to get a fake ID huh?

Yeah, that's what I have been thinking about, that's what I have been talking to him (points at her friend) about. But I don't know, just don't encourage me, we'll see how it goes.


Name: Chris

Age: 23

Occupation: Office manager/comic book artist

I expect ... I expect a room full of people vying for some strangers attention. I'm actually interested more in the audition, just to see what kind of people showed up to this thing. Considering I am in a bar, I am sort of intrigued by how I don't know a vast majority of these people when I normally know everybody in places like this. So I'm wondering where the hell all these people came from.

Does being here seem like a round of speed dating to you?,

Uhh ... it could seem like a round of speed dating and like Hannah's on a Friday or Saturday night.

Are you a drama ninja?

My drama is high to a certain extent; I'm sort of an odd cat in the sense that I'm a Laissez-faire free market capitalist, which ends up creating a lot of conflict with people because everybody is not that. So just my very existence tends to breed conflict and drama. I won a burlesque competition dressed as a Jedi once—so I do what I have to.

Does alcohol potentiate the effects of Jedi Chris?

Actually not really, I'm like the crazy S.O.B. without the booze, like maybe I will have one drink. If I get drunk, I'm in the corner reading like War and Peace or something, I don't get crazy when I'm drunk, I'm just crazy kind of on the spot.

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