Study: Full Moons Affect Our Sleep For the Worse 

Sleep quality was said to be reduced about 30 percent during full moons

We weren't wrong in believing that a full moon made us feel like something was off.

A new study found that humans get less sleep and less deep sleep during a full moon.

Swiss researchers found that even in rooms in which the moon and outside environment cannot be sensed, the same holds true.

They looked at 33 volunteers between 20 and 31 years old and another group between 57 and 74.

Both groups lived and slept in a sleep lab for about a week. Brain activity, hormone levels and other sleep indicators were monitored.

Observing their sleep, researchers found that during full moons, both groups saw similar effects.

Sleep quality was said to be reduced about 30 percent during full moons. They also showed lower-levels of the sleep hormone melatonin during that period.

In a questionnaire, the participants also reported feeling more tired around the time of a full moon.

It's the first study to show such a strong link between the moon and our sleep.

The researchers were also rather tongue in cheek in explaining why they chose to look at this topic.

“The aim of exploring the influence of different lunar phases on sleep regulation was never a priori hypothesized,” they wrote.

“We just thought of it after a drink in a local bar one evening at full moon.”

The findings were published in the journal Current Biology.

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