Suburban Criminals Aren't Very Imaginative 

Suburban Criminals Aren't Very Imaginative

Two Meridian homebuyers thought they had made the heist of a lifetime; unfortunately, they were the only ones who were fooled. Kathy Lynn Jean, 42, and Robby Joe Jean, 39, are both in jail on charges of grand theft by deception after purchasing a cashiers check that wouldn't buy a skateboard, and altering it to pay for a house. Using assumed names-always a good idea when buying a home, or in Kathy's case, when toting a federal probation violation warrant-the Jeans picked up a $37.06 cashiers check at a local bank. They then altered the check, in the classic bringing-home-a-bad-report-card manner, to display the robust sum of $317,000. Feeling themselves quite clever, the Jeans used the check for the cash purchase of a home in a Meridian subdivision. Unfortunately, the title company contacted the bank prior to closing the deal, and-here's the part the Jeans somehow didn't foresee-weren't able to cash the phony check. The pair was picked up on May 11, but reportedly had a full weekend to enjoy their new home.

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