Treefort Preview: Sudan Archives 

Linen Building, Sunday, March 24

Musicians can be odd ducks, but Sudan Archives, a.k.a. Brittany Parks, is a swan. She began teaching herself to play the violin when she was in the fourth grade, and, according to a Q&A with Pitchfork, didn't have friends to sit with at lunch in school, even though she was one of the most well-known people in class. She has never bought a CD or downloaded music, but at the witching hour on Sunday morning, her seamless weave of R&B, experimental electronica and Sudanese fiddling will fill the Linen Building. The Los Angeles-based artist plays with whatever sonic toys she wants, and comes off like a natural. Hers is a late show, but folks with staying power and a yen for sounds sweet, inspiring or somatic won't regret staying up past their bedtimes.


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