Sully's Pub and Grill 

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Sully's Pub and Grill

Laurie Pearman

Sully's Pub and Grill

One might expect to find many different things in Star—a feed store, acres of farmland, possibly a horse and rider meandering down a trail—but an English-style pub may be among the most unlikely.

Yet there is Sully's, proudly staking out some main street territory while it defies all logic. And that's part of the charm of the eatery that is equal parts pub and open patio oasis. Those who favor the pub side of that equation can park it inside the main dining room decked out in dark wood and a long, imposing bar boasting a respectable number of taps. Those in search of some fresh air can hit the expansive patio, so big there are separate areas for shaded dining, open air dining, an outdoor bar and even horseshoe pits.

The menu straddles the line between pub fare and bistro offerings, highlighted by thoughtful upgrades with fresh touches like thick slices of pineapple on a grilled chicken breast sandwich, hand-sliced tri-tip, Saturday night prime rib specials and buckets of clams.

But if there's a reason to make the trek to Star (besides the simple fact that Sully's managed to more than double the beer selection in town, but with only one other bar, it really wasn't that hard) it comes in the form of Sunday brunch.

Once a week Sully's rolls out offerings like a Guinness malt waffle, rib-eye steak and eggs, and some seriously impressive stuffed French toast, all accented by drink specials—the kind that are deemed acceptable first thing in the morning, of course.

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