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Friday, June 2, 2006


A book borrowed from a coworker borrowed from a friend: The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. Page turner.


Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman. I am almost finished and I don't think that I like it very much. The story is about a woman who has no power over her actions because of a man, despite the pain they cause her family.


The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway, which is one of those manuscripts discovered after his death and published posthumously. I'm always a little leery of these things, but this reads like him and I'm loving it. Came out in 1984-6 or so.

No Way to Pick A President by Jules Witcover. Came out 1999. A longtime political journalist writes about the influence of money, "hired guns" and the primary process.

I'm also browsing through the commemorative Rolling Stone issue dedicated to Hunter S. Thompson because I never got a chance to pick one up when he died.


For Passion, For Heaven by Vardis Fisher. This is part one of the final installment of Fisher's mammoth "Testament of Man" series, which takes the reader on a journey from prehistoric man all the way to contemporary man's struggle with sexuality and society. This native Idahoan is far too unappreciated for his massive collection of works ranging from his 38 books covering a wide variety of subjects, to his newspaper columns and editorials over 27 years. "Fisher was a child of the frontier, born 1895 in Idaho and living in virtual isolation, on the Snake River bottoms, for most of his childhood. At a time when Hemingway was identified as "the Idaho writer" because he had a cabin in Sun Valley, this authentic, cranky, and powerful voice of the region was writing a few hundred miles away, in his Hagerman hermitage on the Malad River."


Well, unfortunately I'm not reading anything about unicorns (damn), but I am reading Memoirs of a Geisha.


The Time Traveler's Wife and The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint.

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