Sundles cries Wolf, then poisons it 

Ah, the Internet: where science and pseudo-science are presented side-by-side as equals, and nobody needs a by-line or a title to expound upon their cockeyed theories. Of course, there are exceptions to the anonymity--like Tim Sundles. This central Idaho-based zealot, a national icon for the anti-wolf movement, was charged last week with placing bait to kill wolves and illegally using pesticide on Forest Service land. His alleged weapon of choice: the tainted meatball, made famous by... well, by Sundles, who has featured instructions for several years on his Web site ( on how to poison wolves with toxic meat-treats. The site also features numerous dramatic photos and fantastical tales about the havoc wreaked upon humans, livestock and big game by bloodthirsty wolves, all in the name of "disproving a few myths about wolves, such as: Wolves only kill the sick and the weak; Wolves eat whatever they kill with little or no waste; Wolves don't sport kill." Sundles has openly admitted in local and national media to killing several wolves since their 1995 reintroduction to Idaho, and he claimed after his arrest that he was about to embark on a statewide tour to share the message of lupicide with the masses. If convicted, he could face a year in jail and approximately $200,000 in fines. In the meantime, his Web site is still up and running, and contains--surprise!--a link to the Tim Sundles Legal Defense fund.

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