A battle of wits... and just about everything else you can think of

What beats a honey badger armed with a lightsaber? An army of skeletons manning a railgun? A raccoon with machine guns for legs? Who knows, but making the argument is what Superfight is all about.

The card game is as simple as the age-old playground debate: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

Players draw a set of character cards and attribute cards, combine one card from each set to create a character and fight it out—using their most persuasive arguments—until the table agrees on a winner. For more variety, there are alternate rules and a range of expansion decks that offer fight locations (an undersea laboratory) and scenarios (where gravity has been reversed), as well as cards to make fights nerdier, raunchier or more kid-friendly.

While weapons such as acid-filled balloons or a club made of piranhas might sound powerful enough to settle any fight, it's the argument that wins the battle. To that end, Superfight's rules are pretty explicit about choosing your fellow players carefully:

"Unlike other judge-based games, this is not anonymous. If a player is being biased, for whatever dumb reason, never play with that person again. They are lame, and should go play charades with their cats until they learn how to play with people."

Because we all know no one wins against lamesters who play charades with their cats.

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