Surel's Place: CL Young Poetry Reading 

Thursday, Feb. 27

Living in the body of a 20-year-old wouldn't seem to have much in common with living in the body of a 60-year-old; but, in many ways, it's exactly the same. If exploring those similarities sounds intriguing, learn more at a poetry reading by CL Young at Surel's Place.

Located in Garden City, Surel's Place offers an artist-in-residence program that provides a unique opportunity for artists to live and work in a creative space designed to inspire.

Young, a local writer and dancer who harbors a confessed obsession with the body, is the latest Surel's Place artist-in-residence, and through a series of workshops, she and participants of all ages will explore the human experience of living in an ever-changing body.

According to Becky Mitchell, founder and executive director of Surel's Place, "We are one of just a few residency programs that you don't have to pay to come to. We pay you--through travel stipends, free rent, etc."

The idea is to give both emerging and established artists the respect and support they deserve.

"Business professionals who travel don't have to buy their own plane tickets, pay for their own lodging or buy their own food," said Mitchell. "And if we're going to fill our museums and communities with art because we think it's important, then we should treat the people who create it at a level commensurate with the value they add to our lives."

Previous artists have included painters, sculptors, writers and poets, arriving from as far away as Chicago, Arkansas and New York. Whether established or emerging, each artist submits a proposal and portfolio, which goes before a review panel prior to acceptance.

As word of the program has spread, competition for the coveted openings has steadily increased. According to Mitchell, space is already filling up for 2015.

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