Survey Seeks to Determine How Many Idaho Bicyclists Also Own Cars 

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  • Harrison Berry

According to Idaho Walk Bike Alliance spokesman David Guiotto, there's a rumor going around that Idaho bicyclists aren't paying their way.

"We hear this a lot about the legitimacy of bicyclists on the road. You often hear a call for bicyclists to register their bicycles. I think when people call for that registration fee or claim that bicyclists don't pay their share, they don't understand what transportation budgets are made up of," he said.

Guiotto said he has heard the refrain at Ada County Highway District Commission meetings, in City Hall and in letters to the editor that people who put their feet on pedals instead of the gas should pay fees on their bikes to offset the costs of building and maintaining the roads they use.

Most bicyclists already pay into the general fund through taxes, but the IWBA has produced a brief transportation survey that seeks to show many bicyclists pay fees as well because they're also motorists. The end goal is to produce an infographic that shows cyclists and the fee-paying public are often the same people.

"We just want to evince to the general public that bicyclists are paying their share. In fact, they're contributing positively from an economic angle and from health benefits," Guiotto said. 

The organization is hoping for 1,000 responses to the survey by Feb. 15. 
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