Swing into Spring with Primavera 

Or wallow in Winter with Anna Ura's new exhibit

Artist Rachel Teannalach shrugs off Invierno to celebrate Primavera.

Rachel Teannalach

Artist Rachel Teannalach shrugs off Invierno to celebrate Primavera.

The first day of March in Boise was nothing like Disney's dewy depiction of spring: wobbly fawns, budding branches and hungry hatchlings. We got a big, slushy, sideways dump of snow. But a few flakes won't put the brakes on Primavera, a new, one-night-only group art exhibition.

Featured artists Rachel Teannalach, Amy Westover, Christine Raymond, Pat Kilby, Olive Wicherski and Susan Valiquette will congregate along with Castlerock Strings Quartet at Beside Bardenay on Friday, March 9, from 7-9 p.m. for a show exploring the central theme of spring. Artists will utilize a variety of mediums--drawing, painting, photography, sculpture--to "celebrate the fresh perspective that the spring season brings."

But for those of us not ready to bid the barren trees and frosted windshields goodbye, Enso Artspace will provide a respite with Anna Ura's new show, Winter, which opens on Friday, March 16, from 5-8 p.m. at 120 East 38th Street, Unit 105 in Garden City.

The San Francisco transplant will explore Idaho landscapes utilizing paintings, photography and video in this new series that examines "winter as nature's time for catharsis: the shedding of the old, needless aspects of itself."

Speaking of shedding the old, the Eighth Street Marketplace Artist in Residence program is prepping for a new crop of greenhorns.

These newbies will occupy their downtown studios from March through September, with the inaugural First Thursday studio tours Thursday, April 5, from 5-8 p.m. Without further ado, here's the list:

Star Moxley, installation artist and costume designer, Mercantile Ste. 201; Seth Randal, documentarian, Mercantile Ste. L138; Kate and Sarah Masterson, visual artists, Northrup Ste. 295; Cassandra Schiffler, abstract painter, Northrup Ste. 295; Theresa Burkes, printmaker, Northrup Ste. 295; Idaho Book Arts Guild, a collaborative of 10 artist book makers, Northrup Ste. 295; Adrian Kershaw, mixed-media sculptor, Renewal Underground.

And speaking of open studios, Boise Open Studios Collective Organization is currently accepting applications for membership. BOSCO artists will participate in one open-studio weekend in October, with an opening at Boise Art Museum. New BOSCO members are juried in annually, and this year's professional artist juror will be Zella Bardsley. Applications must be submitted electronically and are due by Sunday, April 1. For info, visit boiseopenstudios.com or email bosco.membership@gmail.com.

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