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Take Two for Tacabi

As much as I do love a Prince reference, this may be the very last time I get to use the phrase "the restaurant formerly known as Koi." As of October 1, the restaurant officially became TaCaBi, a moniker that's an amalgamation of the first names of the restaurant's three owners: Tammy, Carlos and Billy. And with a new name comes a bit of a new image insofar as the food is concerned. New lunch and dinner menus will be rolled out any day, featuring all the old favorites, but with a heftier showing of hot items, more suited for a winter palate. Bento boxes, teriyaki bowls and pub sandwiches like seared ahi or a New York strip steak between two slices of bread have been added to the lunch menu. And at dinner, diners can forgo nigiri for something from the grill, like pork or lamb chops.

And with a new name and a new menu comes a big party. A grand re-opening party of sorts. Sat., Oct. 27, TaCaBi celebrates all things new about the restaurant with live music from 7:30-9:30 p.m., and a free glass of wine, draft beer or hot green tea with your meal. TaCaBi is also hosting an all-you-can-eat sushi day. Thursday afternoons from 2:30-6:30 p.m., TaCaBi rolls out an AYCE sushi menu for $19.99 per person. Late lunch, anyone?

Tacabi, 800 W. Idaho St., #112, 208-343-3474.

Pranzo at Piazza

Boise is strange little town when it comes to wining and dining. We lose our minds over what are generally the most obtrusive new joints, even while the food is mediocre, the service poor and the menu overpriced. And while we're busy jumping from big-box hot spot to trendy address bistro, the quiet little places just keep getting better and better until one day, we can hardly stop obsessing about what we've been missing all along. Piazza di Vino is exactly one of those cozy, yet somewhat neglected and elegant little holes in the wall that suddenly has it coming together all at once.

In the last few weeks, the art gallery and wine bar has dedicated its second floor gallery space entirely to one artist, inaugurated a wine club and started not just serving, but delivering lunch. Basic deli sandwiches—grilled chicken, roast beef, ham and tuna—dressed up with gourmet touches like basil goat cheese, roasted peppers and tahini dressing. Salads comes in four flavors, and everyone's favorite naughty lunch—pizza—is available in mostly vegetarian options, as well as with pepperoni or chicken. The wine club, which held its inaugural meeting this month, meets the first Monday of each month. Host Greg Barnes of J.R. Premier Wines chose Washington wines to highlight in November, and Barnes promises to highlight wines that aren't widely known or widely available in Boise. Membership is a $25 introduction fee, plus $25 per month, and among a list of bennies, membership includes a monthly members-only tasting featuring six to eight wines and a food buffet, and wine discounts on featured wines at only 15 percent above cost.

Piazza di Vino, 212 N. Ninth St., 208-336-9577.

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