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Killerz on location in Pleasantville.

Josh Gross

Killerz on location in Pleasantville.

Electro-pop? Chill-wave? Neo-stoner sonic exploratory caucusing? All of the above? In what was a blatant attempt to irk music writers looking for simple categorical labels, Boise band Shades dropped its debut album Clear Motions on Jan. 24. Released direct-to-web via Synthemesc Recordings, the album features 12 tracks of pretty boys playing smooth keyboards and singing through oceans of reverb.

The band told BW it is looking into the possibility of releasing hard copies of Clear Motions but for the time being it is purely a virtual product.

In other local music news, Treefort Music Fest announced the first local bands that will be performing at the festival, including the reality-punchers The Brett Netson Band, name-changers Wolvserpent, electro-duo QP, indie folksters Grand Falconer and diasporic surf-punks Teens. Which out of town bands these locals will be paired with hasn't yet been announced.

Speaking of Teens--the band, not the scourge of the freeways--the band was accepted to play at some big to-do in Texas called SXSW in March, though it is not slated to perform at the all-Boise showcase.

Teens guitarist-vocalist David Wood told BW the band is currently trying to book gigs on the way to Austin in order to support the trip. The band posted messages to its Facebook page asking if anyone knows of any suitable venues to play. If it all works out, Teens might well be both a band and the scourge of the freeways.

Another local band trying to crowdsource its tour through Facebook is Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats. And the group is even offering a free beer and a CD to anyone who hooks them up with a gig somewhere between Boise and San Francisco. Visit facebook.com/jonathanwarrenandthebillygoats to message the band.

Boise's "evilest" hip-hop group The Pleasantville Killerz isn't Facebooking its way to SXSW, but it did shoot a new video this week. The video was shot in a west Boise warehouse dance studio by their stalwart visual collaborator, JR KC, and featured 200-ish people boogying down to the group's new song, "Dance With Me."

In national noise news, Gibson Guitars announced a limited-edition replica series of Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley's '74 Les Paul. In a press release, Gibson says it has gone to painstaking lengths to replicate every possible detail of the guitar related to tone and feel. Gibson was mum about whether the reissues will be wired up to belch smoke from the pickups like Frehley's.

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