Tentsile Tree Tent 

Hammock, revisited

It's the dead of night. Outside your tent, you hear the furtive stalking of an animal. The sound of padded feet gets closer and closer, the outline of a large beast sharp in the moonlight. Suddenly, a snout presses against the tent, a thin sheet of nylon standing between you and the famished creature outside gunning for your stash of trail mix and SlimJims.

Maybe you can distract the intruder by throwing your snacks into the distance and making a run for it. But if you'd only taken a Tentsile Tree Tent ($599-$749) on this trip, you wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place.

Tentsile tents are a cross between a conventional tent and a hammock--they look a bit like a butterfly cocoon lying on its side. Internal dividers keep inhabitants from sliding to the lowest point, and they are suspended between three trees, as high up as you want them to be.

Now that you're elevated above uneven terrain, you can safely thumb your nose at wolves, komodo dragons, bugs and whatever else might be roaming in the forest late at night.

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