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Monday, February 20, 2006


Geek Love (Katherine Dunn) is what I am reading now.


I’m currently reading Men to Match my Mountains: The Opening of the Far West, 1840-1900 by Irving Stone, Castle Books, 2001 ed. Original 1953 copyright.


Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, David Foster Wallace. It began as a “time filler” while he showered down the hall and has since become a staple in my daily activities. Composed of various essays, quizzes, short fiction, creative non-fiction and interviews, this book satisfies any literary craving I may have at that moment. Stimulating, edgy thought provoking, sometimes provocative and relentlessly smart. I have to read it with a dictionary in tow.

A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius, David Eggers. This is a re-read for me. The first time it was read under the context of being a “mandatory read” for class, this time I read it because I love it, love it, love it. Incorporates the shitty sad real events in life, the goodness, heartache, lessons learned, laughter. It really is one of those ‘heartbreaking but come out on top smiling’ sort of books—but David’s unconventional style of rambling through incoherent thoughts and somehow ending up with a story I can relate to makes all the difference.


I just finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Not my usual kind of book—I hate stuff that makes me cry—but a well- written work nonetheless. I actually read it because I really liked Sebold’s husband’s novel, Carter Beats the Devil (Glen David Gold).

I’m also—still—in the middle of Freddy and Fredericka (Mark Helprin). Great book, slow going.

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