The Adolescents, August 3 

Ahh, reunion shows. There's nothing quite like seeing a band that you've adored for years, even though they haven't done anything-well, anything good-for about 20 years or so. Thus was my mental predicament last Wednesday heading down to the Venue to check out the newest incarnation of legendary SoCal band the Adolescents. Is it really worth the depressing visual of has-beens going through the motions just to hear some awesome songs performed live? At only 10 bucks, I was into it. Apparently, this tour corresponds with the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Blue Album and the release of a brand new (and likely sub-par) Adolescents album. For the uninformed out there, the Blue Album (technically I think it's just a self-titled album, but it's painfully blue, so that's what people call it) is pretty much the album that defines that early '80s SoCal sound. So if you don't own it, get it-you won't be disappointed.

On to the show. I hope I don't need to point out the ridiculous irony of a bunch of fat, old dudes coming on stage billing themselves as Adolescents. But, remarkably, these guys seemed to have a sense of humor about it, and they threw us a curve ball-both of the guitar players were actually young'ns! One of them is the son of an original member, and the other filled in for an Adolescent recovering from knee surgery or something. The performance was not too energetic, but then again neither was the smallish crowd. I'm guessing that, besides the crew that I came with, 95 percent of the audience was born well after this band's glory days. Not that there's anything wrong with that-I was actually pretty stoked to see so many 15-year-old kids with mohawks and punk rock uniforms. It gives me hope for the future, even though the "punk" look seems to be so fashionable these days. However, the band was clearly not too excited to be in Boise and it showed. It was great to hear the old songs, but the performance was lackluster. They ended the set with "Amoeba" (which you should all know from the soundtrack from one of those Tony Hawk games) and "Kids of the Black Hole"-which is, in my opinion, their best song by far. All in all, the show was not awesome but worth the 10 bucks.

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