The Adventures of Boob-Tube and the Big Screen 

Amy Atkins: Wedding Crashers. Blech. I'm hooked on Medium and highly addicted to Project Runway on Bravo. I'm also mad about Celebrity Fit Club on VH1. I know, go figure.

Oh yeah, and Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Jessi Strong: The last thing I saw was Layer Cake. I loved it. You think you know what is going to happen but you don't!

Cory Robertson: Flight Plan...sucked and should have never been made.

Phil Merrell: The last four episodes of Arrested Development were amazing. It’s too bad FOX has their head up their ass, although I guess it’s not that surprising. I can’t wait to see what network the show ends up on. I also watch Democracy Now! quite a bit on Public Access TVTV.

Emina Musanovic: My TV addiction is Project Runway. While it is a reality show, it departs from the mold slightly in that the people participating are actually talented, creative and mostly articulate young designers producing something.

Rachael Daigle: The last movie I saw was Sideways and I completely concur: I'm not drinking any fucking merlot, either. Actually, that's a lie (not the merlot part, the last movie part). The last movie I saw was Waiting and having been a waitress for many years (in fact, I STILL do it), I have to say it was pretty bang on. Never piss off the people who serve your food or make your drinks...the burger served by the genius waitress (props to Robbins fans for recognizing that one) may end up with extra garlic salt if you treat your server like a servant.

Sara Beitia: I’ve been watching The Medicis: Godfathers of the Renaissance (or whatever it’s called) on PBS on Monday nights. It’s a several part series on, well, the Medici family. Oh, and Lost. I’m addicted.

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