The Battle of the Comic Cons Ends in a Draw 

When officials at San Diego's uber-geekfest, better known as Comic Con, launched a lawsuit against organizers at a comics convention in Salt Lake City, alleging that "Comic Con" was a protected trademark, more than a few comic con organizers across the nation worried that they too might have to find another way to brand their events (to date, the city of Boise has seen two iterations, the Library Comic Con and the Tree City Comic Con).

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that their city's organizers are celebrating what they call the "good news" from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 14 that the Salt Lake Comic Con could go on using its name

."We're confident that this decision from the USPTO will virtually eliminate this ongoing legal battle," said Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder Bryan Brandenburg. "By granting us a trademark for 'Salt Lake Comic Con,' the trademark office is literally declaring our right to not only use comic con in our name … [but] it further declares that San Diego's trademarked name is NOT 'confusingly similar' to our trademarked name, which is the nexus of the lawsuit."

The Tribune reports that Salt Lake organizers had argued that the legal battle was much greater than a San Diego versus Salt Lake City feud, but also potentially threatened dozens of other comic book conventions across the nation.
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