The Bear Necessities: Mother Bear and Cubs Prefer North Idaho Condo to Cave 

click to enlarge DOUG HARDER
  • Doug Harder
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
A bear.
A bear who?
Knock off the comedy and call Fish and Game. A bear is trying to get through the door.

TV station KREM 2 reported on a north Idaho man who has had regular visits to his Schweitzer Mountain condominium—and he has the photos to prove it. Doug Harder told the TV station when he returned from vacation last week, bears had been in his home, helped themselves to some food and left a "calling card" on his carpet.

click to enlarge DOUG HARDER
  • Doug Harder
The bears returned for another visit August 13th and that when Doug Harder took some snapshots.

Meanwhile, in a separate north Idaho incident, a Moyle Springs woman sais she shot a 2-year-old male grizzly in her backyard  because it posed a threat to her family.

The Spokane Spokesman-Review reports the woman said her family tried to scare the bear away but when it charged at her and her children, she shot it. The incident is under investigation.

The woman told the Spokesman-Review she's worried she may be in trouble for killing a federally protected species.
"I don't want to go to prison for saving my family and my animals," she said.
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