The Best (and Most Read) Dad Jokes in Idaho 

More than 60,000 people pass by the American Cleaning Service billboard each week

For nearly seven decades, the billboard on Front Street outside American Cleaning Service Co. has been one of the most-read billboards in the state of Idaho. Every week, more than 60,000 people drive by it, but apart from bearing the ACSC logo, it isn't pushing a sale. Rather, it's known for its ponder-worthy quips, well-wishes and dad jokes. A recent message read, "You can choose between two B's, be bitter or be better."

ACSC President Eli Schmoeger said the board is also a record of his own life.

"I asked a girl to prom with the board. I also used it for my marriage proposal, and even for when we had kids," said Schmoeger. "It's a constant part of my life."

  • American Cleaning Service Co.

For 42 years, the bookkeeper of ACSC chose the phrases to be posted every week, but recently, it has been the purview of Special Services Manager Zac Fink. The ideas come from family, friends, employees and sometimes customers.

"It's hard to choose a favorite billboard because there have been so many, and I've only been with the company for about a month," said Manager of Business Development Morrie Berriochoa.

The billboard has been a staple of thousands of Boiseans' commutes since Schmoeger's father opened ACSC. The company tries to balance what appears on the board between witty sayings, holiday greetings, welcoming messages for teams from out of town, and community event promotions like fundraisers. Once, there was a six-week period where the only thing that appeared on the board was birthday wishes.

"We had to shut that down. While it was, of course, special for the person who was getting the wish, it doesn't have any meaning for the 60,000 other people who see it. The billboard is a community thing. We want to make sure it reaches a lot of people," said Schmoeger.

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