The Big "D" 

Well, we broke the news to the kids tonight. We told them how mommy and daddy were still great friends but we didn't want to be married anymore. I was surprised to hear my son say now he had a better chance of getting a new little brother. My daughter was actually excited about having more people in her life. I don't think the ramifications of what we told them sunk in. It will later.

In a world where most couples end up in divorce, the spawn will now have more in common with the other kids at school. Hmmmph. Strange. I always thought that since both Sally and I came from parents who never experienced divorce we wouldn't either. How naive was I?

What I find interesting is that we're better friends now, just not together anymore. To quell the rumor mill here is the dirt. Sally is buying out my share of the Boise Weekly. She is the most competent publisher I've ever known and the Weekly will continue to excell under her stewardship. I'm still writing for the Weekly, just not managing the editorial or any other myriad of jobs I did over the years. On occasion I will act as a consultant or work on special projects. Right now I'm the online Forum moderator and will make sure it doesn't degenerate into some awful thing like the Neurolux message board.

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