The Big LeBloody Mary Contest, New On The BW Card 

Piper Pub Takes Top Spot In Bloody Mary Contest

On Aug. 28, Boise Weekly, with the help of celebrity judges Erica Fabian and Jaime Gamblin from FameFifteen, former BW overlord Bingo Barnes, the sassy Minerva Jayne, Doug Flanders and V99.1's Josh from the Morning V, crowned a best bloody mary champion.

Quinn's Bar and Restaurant and Piper Pub and Grill faced off early Saturday morning at BW's first-ever Big LeBoise after being selected from among 15 competing bars and restaurants by BW readers. The challenge was to shake up Magic Valley 44 North and Bakon Vodka into two bloody marys that would best impress the panel of judges. Quinn's Bakon marys won applause from the judges for the strip of crispy bacon, but ultimately, the spicier Piper Pub version, garnished with avocado and bacon-wrapped asparagus, won over the judges when the vote tally was complete. In the Magic Valley 44 North category, again judges cooed over part of the salad in the Quinn's bloody mary--everyone loves a pickle, apparently--but it was the Piper Pub's just-right spice and salad of bleu cheese olives, pickled asparagus and celery that won over the judges. Congrats to Piper Pub and Grill, and thanks to the bartenders from Quinn's and Piper Pub. And, of course, thanks to our panel of judges who had to suffer through four bloody marys first thing in the morning ... oh, the hard life of a celebrity.

BW Card Adds New Members

In BW Card news, Kana Girl's Hawaiian BBQ is now accepting the BW Card. If you haven't trekked out to Meridian for a plate lunch, let us recommend the manapua--the only place in town you can get it. Stan's Charbroiled Hot Dogs on Vista Avenue is also new to the BW Card lineup. And though you cannot use your BW Card directly at Smoky Mountain Pizza or Bull's Head Station, you can log on to your BW Card account and buy discounted gift certificates to both restaurants. Card members pay only $35 for a $50 gift certificate to Bull's Head Station and $75 for a $100 gift certificate to Smoky Mountain Pizza.

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