A Guide to Herbal Liqueurs 

The Modern's Michael Bowers clues us in on those hard-to-pronounce bottles on the shelf

Pull up a stool at a craft cocktail bar like The Modern Hotel, and you'll probably need a dictionary to dissect the drinks list. After recognizable liquors like gin, whiskey and tequila, there's usually a chain of hard-to-pronounce components like Drambuie, Aquavit or Ramazzotti. Thankfully, Modern bartender Michael Bowers (whose mixology skills have earned him a first-place 2012 Best of Boise accolade) has compiled a cheat sheet for cocktail novices who want to better understand their drink's anatomy. Here's his rundown of some herbal liqueurs you should familiarize yourself with if you'd like to become a craft cocktail connoisseur. For detailed explanations, see Page 18 of the digital edition, here.
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