The Devil Came to Boise: Diablo & Sons Joins the Tacossance 

click to enlarge From left to right: the fried oyster, lamb and steak tacos at Diablo & Sons.

Harrison Berry

From left to right: the fried oyster, lamb and steak tacos at Diablo & Sons.

The entrance to Diablo & Sons is a tufted leather door that begs to be thrust open, and the style doesn't stop there. Everything is old-timey, from the background music to the menus, which are cluttered with a mix of dishes—many of which aren't yet available—and advertisements for macabre items like tombstones.

D&S threw a soft opening on Oct. 23, and the tacos, which the extension of the Bittercreek Alehouse/Red Feather Lounge Eighth Street empire has touted for months, are available, which for now is all that matters. Boise has undergone a tacossance, with Madre's, Calle 75 Street Tacos and The Funky Taco all opening up in or around downtown in a short period, but D&S is the latest, and perhaps most boutique-y, entry of the lot. All of its tacos are between $3.50 and $4.50.

Take the lamb taco. Ingredients include a few cherries that seem to have been soaked in coffee, a development which is compelling, interesting and unequivocally delicious. Two of these tacos paired with beer is a grand slam. The fried oyster taco brought a sexy, seafood-y funk to the table, and the perfectly-cooked steak taco is a solid bet for people with less adventurous tastes. 
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