The Dognald 

The high forehead and wild hair look familiar. Is it The Donald? No, it's The Dognald, a $16 "doggedly determined Republican," ready for your pet to play with. An original creation from Bark & Co., which is based in New York City (or, as they are fond of calling it, Poo York City), this 9-inch dog toy is stitched with reinforced seams and is, according to its manufacturers, "perfect for tough debates." According to manufacturers, "you'll never hear this plush guy squeak. Squeaking is for wimps. When chewed, The Dognald grunts... like a winner."

And that hair? It's "borderline indestructible," according to Bark & Co., which adds,

"The Dognald is ready to lead... your pup to playtime."

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