The Eye 

I'm guessing if you want to be blown away by this title, you'll probably want to watch the original Chinese version of the same name. Then you wouldn't have to wonder which is more frightening—the scary moments in the film or Jessica Alba's acting.

Concert violinist Sydney Wells (Alba, Good Luck Chuck) has been blind since a never-elaborated-upon accident took her eyesight as a child. But after a cornea transplant surgery restores her vision, she begins to see demon-like creatures that no one else can. Unfortunately, her symphony conductor (Rade Serbedzija, Snatch), sister (Parker Posey, Superman Returns) and doctor (Alessandro Nivola, Face/Off) all think she's crazy, so she tries to find the reason for her affliction.

About three seconds into her opening voiceover, which somehow is already immediately non-believable, audiences should realize Alba wasn't selected for this role because of her acting prowess. Though she is more convincing in certain scenes, she never seems completely at home running terrified from whatever supernatural entities are pestering her.

The script is nearly adequate and allows for scares to pop up frequently by blurring shots supposedly seen through Sydney's new eyes, but the story never really gets anywhere, and one might begin to wonder why anyone's family and friends would be so mean to a blind woman.

The music's pretty scary, and with dimmed lights and the proper volume, you ought to jump a few times, but look to the rest of Alba's resume for what to expect with the acting.

This video is courtesy of Hollywood Video, 590 Broadway Ave., 208-342-6117.

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