The Gov. Feels a Draft ... An Overdraft 

Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne has bounced two checks, totaling $111, to the Boise hairdresser who reportedly provides him with his hair-restoration products-and not to mention his classic combed-back, Mr. Burns-esque 'do. Oh, what joke to make... what joke to make ...

Maybe jokes aren't the place to start. After all, our state will soon be able to relate to life in the red. Kempthorne's $1.6 billion road bill, which will cost a total of more than $3 billion after 18 years at a variable interest rate, will keep Idaho in bounce-ville until long after the Gov's Nioxin loses the final battle against scalp deforestation. Then again, considering that Kempthorne long led the battle to allow the logging industry into Idaho's roadless areas, maybe this is a case of poetic earth-justice. One old-growth area is thinning, another will be lucky to get away without a clear-cut. We'll let you guess which is which.

In other news, Mr. Gov., almost every bank in the country now offers checking accounts with overdraft protection. Some of them will even automatically deduct your monthly tithe-after all, we're assuming that after your inspiring speech about "standing with those who believe" at the National Day of Prayer last week that you're at least a 10, maybe 15 percent tithe-guy. So save yourself the embarrassment.

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