The Grandchildren of Naziism 

Vintage Shrubbery

Solemnization to the sexagenarian, lets toast the threescore...sixty years and what have we learned? Six decades and what can we show for it? American history has, or should I write-always been-a victim of redundancy, never fully embracing the virtues of the Hegelian dialectic, never willing to take that next step. Yes, we all fancy the trial and tribulation tales of our ebb and flow melodramatic pastures, yet we refuse to reap its bouquet of knowledge to create a better future, instead we sow its seeds of guidance into fallow ground. How has America in less than a century, and exponentially in the last five years, downsized from the great liberators of 1945 to impotent pontificators of 2005?

To choose between misguided angels and myopic devils I have to opt for the latter. America has become myopic in the sense that we do not take advantage of our past to enhance our foresight and we are devils because we have allowed our unique virtues of cleverness and energy to become a byproduct of reckless abandonment. Like a red headed stepchild we have orphaned the luxuries of our inherited past, when history should be the perpetual motion of ideas, new ideas and newer ideas.

Call it what you will: habits of the heart, a culture of narcissism, an alcoholic republic; progressive ideals in America have suffered a coronary thrombosis, been absorbed into reflective nihilism and sequestered to rooms of reactionary rehabilitation. Our most recent administration keeps looking backwards and in the process they have closed the American minds to the world around us. Their tunnel vision has allowed us to abuse technology in order to enrich our hegemony. Hence our nearsightedness has led us into the blind ambitions of an unknowledgeable despot ...alias George W. Bush...whose policies scorn foresight and scoff hindsight. It is time to realize that his gung-ho attitude has backfired and has turned an American beauty into un-American beast.

Granted most of the valedictorians and members of Mensa do not have the right combination of social, political, psychological and business acumens to run our country-nor do I-yet there is a lot of truth, and I quote, to the Southern Resistance t-shirt that reads, "Never let a 'C' student run your country." Despite the fact that only a few of us possess all these acumens, we should all be up in arms over Bush's recent coronation to the fall of Germany and Hitler's Third Reich sixty years ago. This recent photo shoot should not only intellectually slay the historical buff but also the ahistorical novice. Unfortunately America is caught in a downward spiral where the blind lead the naked and the vortex of politically correct pseudonyms and misanthropic misnomers spun by the cash cows of Bush's neo trickle-down conundrums have fooled the masses into promoting and accepting unconstitutional amendments and embracing his nativist agenda that if not mirrors it surely borderlines the tenets of national socialism, a.k.a. nazism.

In comparing the Bush administration's friendly fascist policies to the national socialist policies of the Hitler regime, lets begin with the one hot button issue that is currently devastating our civil rights and citizenship: same-sex marriage. The current heartless debates and enactments across our nation denying gays and lesbians equal rights and access to their pursuit of happiness, vis-à-vis marriage, mirror the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 which made it illegal for Christians and Jews to neither marry nor have sexual relations. This small, yet vocal plurality of heterosexual zealots wish not only to dominate the majority with their neo-Puritanical agenda of marriage, they also want to systematically destruct our constitution with their gay bashing emergency decrees which carry the same amount of fervor that followed the fire that Hitler started in the German parliament building in February 1933 that dismantled the constitution of the Weimar Republic.

The pro-business aspects of the Bush administration is another policy which have not only negatively affected the American worker it has also had a devastating effect on what used to be American made products. Banking on the naiveté that has fostered through our narcissistic approach towards maniacal consumer capitalism we have nonchalantly sat back and allowed Bush to deconstruct the rules and regulations that once kept the corporate manipulation of individuality checked and balanced by government watchdogs. These lax attitudes have further extended the corporate quest for efficiency and profit maximization while disenfranchising the American worker a sustainable level of subsistence through employment and devaluing products formerly made and profited by the American economy through its promotion of factory flight to third world nations that promise American corporations a bevy of native employees willing to work under unsafe and unprotected conditions that was once found in the slave labor of concentration camps supervised by the SS soldiers.

Last, but not least, we have to realize the various policies that are coming down the pike with the impromptu passage of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act has collapsed our traditional individual securities and values that once gave this country a sober and sensible sense of liberty and freedom into drunken binges of misguided mandates on a national level and myopic misjudgments on a international level. The more we embrace and do not challenge these mandates and misjudgments that evolve from the loose interpretations of the Patriot Act the closer the Bush administration becomes an absolute authority. Like Hitler, George W. Bush has realized the value of duping the American citizenry into believing that we suffer from national loss and international loneliness. These false senses of alienation are only perpetuated even more as we allow our human freedoms to become spiritually terrorized and hideously abused by the pontifications of the Patriot Act. It is time to put the "riot" back in patriot and band together to fight this new hierarchical community that is being built by the deceitful Bush administration.

Dan Krejci is an overeducated and under appreciated citizen who is only three credits away from a master's in history because he lost the will to keep jumping through the postgraduate hoops.

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