The Great Sasquatch Watch 

Mountainous areas thick with forest were the inspiration for a movie filmed in Boise, Nampa, Meridian and Eagle titled It’s a Trip Presents: The Not So Great Sasquatch Hunt.

The Monty Python-esque film follows the random and crazy adventures of a local cast and crew as they stop for pretzels in between searching for the hairy beast. Of all the locations where the film was shot, Eagle won for the best possibility of Sasquatch presence said Jeff Agosta, writer, director and producer, and that other films are planned in the series.

The main star Matthew Kelly is joined by a cast that includes a giant squirrel, a female cop and a lazy pizza man.

The film’s YouTube trailer starts off a rapper singing: “Gather round. What’s the plot? We’re huntin’ sasquatch,” which keeps repeating through an assortment of cobbled together vignettes—a dude in a giant afro with a Flava Flav necklace grinds against a stranger carrying groceries, a clown gets a pie in the face in the woods and an old lady in purple sweats gets a bag o’ pennies dumped on her head. While we’re unsure exactly what all these things have to do with hunting a Sasquatch, we do know it will be an interesting ride watching them connect the dots.

The premiere night features live music by Smoked Out Records and a bar for those with ID. Be ready for some surprises during the premiere because organizers plan to create a fun, wild environment to go along with the film. All ages are welcome, but parents should be aware of some alcohol and language use in the film. Or as the film’s trailer notes, “Warning: marijuana use and language. So bring your friends.”

Advance tickets are available at The Record Exchange.

Friday, Aug. 18, 7 p.m., $10, The Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise.

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