The Growing Candle 

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Kaila Jackson

On May 6, a United Nations report authored by 150 scientists from 50 countries contained this grim piece of news: As a direct result of human activity, 1 million plant and animal species hover on the brink of extinction. Part of that activity is pollution, so it has perhaps never been more important than now for companies to address their waste, whatever form it takes. Hyggelight Candles, maker of The Growing Candle, is doing just that with its zero-waste product, a soy candle that comes in minimal packaging and is made to repurpose. The Growing Candle is a stroke of conscientious genius. Each comes in a ceramic vessel that, once empty of wax, can be used as a plant pot—the plant comes along with each purchase in the form of the candle's label, which is made from recycled seed paper. Simply fill the pot with dirt, bury the label, wet the soil and set your soon-to-be-plant on a sunny window ledge to watch the magic happen. (Taking the idea a step further, Hygeelight's whole manufacturing process produces less than one standard garbage bag of waste each month—a record better than most households.)


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