The Hand; Feb. 23, RX; Feb. 24, Neurolux 

The seeds of local band The Hand were sown around 20 years ago and, though it has been changed by tragedy and time, the band still—or maybe more accurately, again—delivers power rock/punk.

To say The Hand's sound has matured isn't at all to suggest it is dated or appeals only to seniors. The loud, rocking in-your-face delivery transcends demographic lines, making The Hand the perfect antidote to both teen misanthropy and mid-life ennui.

Founder and heart-of-The Hand Scott Schmaljohn (Treepeople) has years in the Boise music scene to draw on and, like any great artist (he's also a graphic designer and former Boise Weekly staffer), he has a signature, but he lets new influences and concepts inform the band's sound.

With Schmaljohn on guitar and vocals, James Johnson (Trigger Itch) on bass and Cody Roy (Demoni) on drums, The Hand is still dealing out kick-ass rock and has new a release, Find a Reason (self-released, Feb. 2017), to prove it.

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