The Illusionists 

Tuesday, Feb. 9-Thursday, Feb. 11


Courtesy Morrison Center


The Anti-Conjurer. The Manipulator. The Inventor. The Escapologist. The Trickster. The Weapon Master. The Deceptionist. No, that is not a list of my previous ex-boyfriends. Those are the Illusionists, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 9-11, Boise can experience their magic and charm.

Coming live from Broadway to the Morrison Center, the Illusionists promise to bring acts of levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and a four-minute water torture escape. These prestidigitators bring individual style to the stage, each in full makeup and costumes, creating personas ranging from a mohawked tough guy to an ultra-fashionable modern man to a Dr. Who-esque bow-tie wearing gentleman and more.

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