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Good journalism is a journey. When done well, it grabs readers by the lapels, transports them somewhere they've never been before and teaches them things they didn't know. Interactive storytelling platforms make this exploration more personal and captivating than ever before—but are a bit hard to describe. They can be anything from a Washington Post visualization of every life taken during a mass shooting in the past 50 years, to a BBC web game that walks through the flight of Syrian refugees. This week's find—a website called—keeps some of the best projects organized in one place. It's run by a design professor at Carnegie Mellon University for the purpose of "keeping a record of this moment in media history," according to the site.

Whether you're into news, sports, music or whatever, check it out. Of hundreds of projects, you're sure to get lost in at least one unforgettable journey. It's journalism at its finest.


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