'The Invisible Class' Premiere 

7 p.m. $10. The Flicks. 646 W. Fulton St., Boise

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Harrison Berry

The Invisible Class aims to shed light on the population of homeless people in America. Set to screen at The Flicks, the social justice documentary captures the reality of what it's like for the thousands of veterans, children and the elderly who have become homeless, only to face stigmas and a hardscrabble existence. Boiseans remember well the Cooper Court encampment and court battles over the city's camping ordinance, but the problem is national, and this film seeks to answer questions surrounding the homeless community and address potential solutions. Exposing the day-to-day life of those struggling in America, compassion and understanding can be created. Every city has a homeless population, and every homeless person has a story. The film explores those stories and the realities that homelessness has no preference, it can happen to anyone.

7 p.m. $10. The Flicks. 646 W. Fulton St., Boise, theflicksboise.com.


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